Why Are Arranged Marriages Considered Better Than Love Marriages?

Why Are Arranged Marriages Considered Better Than Love Marriages?

Contrary to popular beliefs, arranged marriages aren’t always forced marriages. Sometimes, they are a superior choice made with a lot of deliberation and thought put into it. The ongoing discussion between arranged marriages vs. love marriages is not something that will be over in a day. It is an ongoing discussion that has people on either side, supporting their views and taking on the situation.

And, the best part of this argument is that both sides are correct. It is all about subjective opinions when it comes to marriage.

However, in this post today, we will highlight some of the advantages of arranged marriages that might help you understand the concept better.

1. You date with a goal

Not saying that you don’t date with a goal in love marriages but everything is uncertain. Whereas in the case of an arranged marriage, two people come together and start dating because they are to be married a few months or a year down the line.

So, if you are very particular about dating with the end goal to be marriage, arranged marriage is hands down a superior choice of the two.

2. Less conflicts in cultures and traditions

When your parents take on the responsibility to find a suitable partner for you in an arranged marriage, you get to wipe out one common obstacle, which is finding someone with the same culture and traditions. Wedlock planner tends to have all your wedding plannings aligned to the cultures and traditions.

9 out of 10 times, parents look for someone with similar traditions so there are no conflicts or clashes in the interests among the parties involved. So, you have one less factor to adjust to when it comes to the post-wedding compromises.

3. You don’t have the hassle of finding someone

Finding love is difficult. Finding someone that matches well with your vibe, matches with your family’s traditions and is respectful is a pretty tedious process, one that can often take up years to find.

When you opt for an arranged marriage, your parents sort that issue for you. Yes, you do have a final say in the person you want to marry but you also get to pick a choice from the list, something that most people do appreciate in the long run.

4. Gets rid of ambiguity in a relationship

As contrived as it sounds, arranged marriages are based on pragmatism, and practicality, at least in the beginning of it. This means that people have complete autonomy in making decisions based on complete transparency between the couple.

There are no ifs and buts involved. Instead, people get to come together and find a middle ground that works effortlessly for either party involved in the relationship. It fosters clear communication and establishes better transparency in the relationship.

5. It's your non-traditional love story

People often have their version of a love story. Some are successful and some aren’t. It is a common misconception that partners who get married via an arranged marriage never fall in love. That is hands down one of the most understated myths.

Nobody would want to get into an alliance where they don’t feel loved and welcomed and that is something you do get to experience in an arranged marriage. Maybe not in an instant but eventually, you do get to explore more about your partner, and fall in love with their quirks and their habits.

6. Get supportive advice

Again, this is a common ground for both arranged and love marriages, unless your parents don’t approve of your partner in the love marriage. When you marry via an arranged marriage with someone your parents chose for you, there’s complete autonomy for you to go back to your parents and ask them for advice.

Your parents are always on a quest to find someone for you who will not just support you but also fill in the gap that you have harbored in your life.

7. Have fewer conflicts

Say what you want but arranged marriages have fewer chances of conflicts after marriage. When you are new into the relationship and don’t know much about each other, this phase of growth is where the partners get to explore each other’s likes and dislikes and find the hidden quirks that they didn’t before.

When you have a partner from the same culture and tradition, hiring a wedding planner becomes easy too and involves a lot fewer conflicts and clashes of ideologies. Arranged marriages also have lesser degrees of divorce.

If you are considering getting into a nuptial with someone that shares similar interests and passion as yours, we’d recommend not shying away from arranged marriages. Not only is it lucrative, but it is also quite amazing in the long run where you get to peel the layers of your partner and get to know them better. Arranged marriages can be a little confusing in the beginning but they are lasting.

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