Significance Of Red Color In Indian Weddings

Significance Of Red Color In Indian Weddings

Indian weddings are a whole affair of culture, entertainment and a whole lot of traditions and rituals. If you are one of those inquisitive people that like knowing about things before indulging in them, we’d recommend that you know the significance of red color in Indian weddings.

Not just from the cultural point of view but also about the astrological standpoints, there are several contexts to the inclusion of red color in weddings, be it in the dress that the bride is wearing but also the prospects of accessories that the bride wears.

This post will indulge in the significance of red color in Indian weddings and why you should know about them as well.

1. Significance of the colour

Before anything in the equation, the significance of the color red in Indian cultures and traditions is very prominent. Each hue and shade of red has significant meaning in Indian culture. Not just that, red is also a very vibrant and positive colour that signifies love and passion.

Indian astrological contexts also suggest that red is directly connected to the rising sun, which brings positivity, peace and harmony to the lives of people. So, it is a no-brainer that people directly associate red with such an auspicious occasion like a wedding.

The red colour is a very common one for the brides in the wedding, despite the kind of culture or traditions they belong to prosperity and fertility, which is another reason why it is such a popular concept.

2. Cultural context

You’d often find your wedding planner including bouts of red not just in the dress but also in the venue because red in Indian weddings have a lot of potential significance in the different cultures. Not just the dress, even the sindoor and the bindi play a very significant role in the auspicious occasion of an Indian wedding.

The cultural significance and context also extend to the Mehendi that most Indian brides wear during their wedding rituals.

3. Appealing context

Besides the culture and tradition, the colour red has a completely different appeal to it, which reflects on the overall prospects of the ritual. Since the marriage rituals extend for several days, a bright and vivid color like red contributes to building a positive aura and appearance on such days when everyone is tired of the rituals and the hassle that comes with a wedding.

The unity on the wedding day described by the colour of love is something that doesn’t require any additional explanation, especially when it comes to marking the special day in the lives of the couple.

Since it is such a significant day in the lives of the couple, it isn’t surprising that it involves the bright red bridal attire that leaves everyone in the room with their heads turned.

4. Wedding attire

Wedlock planner, a leading wedding management entity, believes that Indian weddings deserve the beauty of red in every inch and crevice. From the Mehendi to the sindoor, every significant part of the bride is decked up in bright and vivid shades of red.

While some brides prefer the dark maroon color of the wedding attire, some prefer a more subtle shade of red. Whatever it be, some part of the wedding must contribute to the beautiful shade of red. Brides, irrespective of whether they are wearing a saree or a lehenga choli often stick to buying red ones, if they don’t want to make a unique statement at their wedding.

Despite what the situation is, red is always the first choice for every Indian bride that is set to tie the knot with their significant other on their special day.

5. Highlights in Jewellery

Besides gold, platinum and diamond, hues of red in the jewellery are also quite popular during Indian weddings, thanks to the attractiveness and appeal of the red stones in the jewellery pieces. Not just to the wedding dress, the addition of red to wedding jewelleries can take the overall experience and lookup by a notch.

The inclusion of red in the jewelleries is very common in Punjabi and most north Indian weddings since it is considered auspicious. Also, given the growing popularity of the concept, it isn’t surprising that more and more brands and designers are now coming out with more transient options with red in the jewellery pieces.

If you are confused about why red is such a quintessential inclusion in Indian weddings, we hope this post answers your questions. Remember that the inclusion of red is not just limited to one or two prospects, especially when it comes to the look. Red can be added in different doses and different aspects, including the dress and even the jewellery pieces that accessorize the look. Finish off the look with the bright red sindoor and there’s nothing that steals the show better.

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