How To Create A Custom Wedding Invitation Design?

How To Create A Custom Wedding Invitation Design?

Much like the actual wedding, even the wedding invitation plays a very crucial role in a couple’s life. You get to invite your close guests to the most important day of your life, to share the fun and joy with them. However, designing a wedding invitation is a hassle, especially if you don’t have much idea about graphic designing and the whole process.

Custom wedding invitation design is not rocket science, especially if you are working with a wedding planner that takes care of these services. Even if that isn’t the case, you can either hire an experienced freelance graphic designer or end up doing it yourself on the hundreds of available websites that you find on the internet.

This post will share some important tips that can help you create your personalized wedding invitation without any hassle.

1. Start with the size

Wedding invites come in varying shapes and sizes. You have square ones, circle ones and even custom-made shapes. However, this is where you need to step up your game and find a suitable size that you think would suffice your needs.

Along with the shape and size, you also need to find the place where you will print all the invites. We’d recommend choosing a reliable and well-reviewed place if you don’t want a bad quality print on the invites that easily come off.

Also, when you are discussing things with the print house, they will give you an estimate of some of the standard wedding card sizes that you can choose from. This makes the process easier.

2. Choose a theme

When you are creating customized wedding invites, match them with the theme of your wedding. If it is a summer wedding with lots of pastels and blues, make sure that the invite is something similar as well. This matches with the overall aesthetic, making the whole experience quite fun and memorable.

However, if you don’t want to match with the theme of the wedding, try to look for choices that reflect your and your partner’s personality on a wedding card. This can solve a lot of the issues too. This includes choosing a specific style of the font, typography, colour schemes, etc.

3. Include images

Bland and text-based wedding invites are out of fashion now. Now, couples include their professionally taken images in the wedding invites. So, why not do it too? It adds a personalized touch to the card and allows your guests to cherish the invite and reminisce your special day down the line.

However, make sure you are giving a high-quality image for the invite, especially if you don’t want the image to appear distorted or pixelated once it comes out of printing. High-resolution professional camera images are the best bet in this case.

4. Choose the typeface

For custom invites for your wedding, discuss things at length with your wedding planner. Having an open discussion will allow you to check through available samples, see what kind of color schemes and fonts work the best for your invite.

It will take you some time to finalize the typeface that you want on your wedding invite but we’d recommend that you pick one that represents your favorite aesthetics and one that makes the whole invite look attractive and one of a kind.

5. Sort your budget

At Wedlock Planner, we offer custom invite designing, so if you are considering making one, we can get it done for you. However, compared to standard templates, custom-designed invites take a lot of time and effort to design and finalize.

So, it isn’t surprising that they come with a higher budget as well. So, if you are one of those people that like to sort out the budget first before moving ahead with a service, we’d recommend sitting down and discussing your budget per invite so that the same can be arranged accordingly.

6. Print and mail

Once everything is finalized, done and approved, the last step is to send the design to the print and then get them back to you. In India, it is common to invite people personally, so the concept of mailing the invites might not be that feasible.

However, if you have guests, family or friends that live far away, your best option would be to mail them for you. If you don’t have time, your wedding planner can take care of that for you as well.

Designing a custom wedding invite is becoming a very common trend in Indian weddings now. So, if you want one, be assured that the process of designing and printing will take a few sessions and discussions with the designer. So, we’d recommend that you have a theme, size, shape planned in your head before you talk to a designer. Having your requirements sorted allows you to express what you need with ease.

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