How To Choose A Destination Wedding Location?

How To Choose A Destination Wedding Location?

Choosing a wedding venue is hands down one of the most important decisions. Not only do you want the venue to align with your dream wedding, but you also want it to fit right into your budget as well. However, with so many options at hand, choosing one becomes a challenge, especially for the common individuals who don't have much idea about wedding venues and their significance.

Decisions about a wedding location depend on a lot of things. What kind of budget do you have? Are there wedding venues available? Will your guests be able to reach the place without any hassle?

The questions are pretty long and sometimes, very confusing too. So, we took it on us to answer one of these most frequently asked questions to ensure that our readers and potential clients have an idea of what to look for when choosing their destination wedding location.

1. Talk to your partner

Even if your partner initially said that they are okay with any destination wedding location, we’d still recommend that you discuss things at length with them. It is their wedding as well. So, having an open and transparent discussion allows you to understand what their dream destination is and then share your viewpoint too.

When you discuss things openly, especially with a wedding planner in the mix, you can sort out the best possible locations and then decide which one would be the best choice for you. It is a time-consuming process, so we’d recommend that you start looking into spots and discuss things a few months ahead of time so that the planner can make the required bookings ahead of time.

2. Availability of wedding venue

Simply choosing a destination wedding location isn’t enough. You can’t choose Goa as a location and not have a wedding venue sorted to conduct the actual marriage in. This is a very common issue that most couples face.

When it comes to a popular wedding location, especially during the peak wedding season, you can be assured that the wedding venues will be booked ahead of time. So, you can’t expect to find one available if you aren’t proactively booking the desired venue according to the interiors and the kind of location it is in.

Sometimes, most couples select their destination wedding location based on the availability of the wedding venue so everything goes around smoothly.

3. Keep your family, friends and relatives in mind

Unless you belong to a very rich family that can sponsor the entire guest list with train or flight tickets to fly down to a destination for the wedding, we’d recommend that you discuss things with your friends and relatives too.

Even if the relatives decide to buy the trip out of their pocket, you need to inform them ahead of time so they can make the relevant arrangements, especially with the train tickets. This is extremely crucial and something that we recommend our clients to do at Wedlock planner.

Destination weddings are very hard to execute, especially when it comes to managing the guests, so planning things at least 6 months before the wedding is ideal.

4. Look at your budget

A destination wedding is fun and exhilarating until you come to know how much the entire thing would cost. When you are getting married from a different state or city other than your home, you have to cover travel expenses, wedding venue expenses and sometimes, fly down with your relatives and friends too.

It is an extremely high budget affair, so we’d recommend that you focus on sorting out your budget first. Having a budget allows you to find the locations and then find the suitable place that you can conduct the wedding in.

Typically, this is a conversation that you should have with your wedding planner so they can explain things elaborately to you without any hassle. Also, while you are at it, share the kind of budget you plan to spend.

5. Culture, food and traditions

Lastly, when choosing a wedding location, we’d recommend choosing places where you won’t have a hard time meshing with the local vendors. This allows you to pick and choose the best local vendors, especially concerning catering. Sometimes, your planner will take care of all of these but if you are handling things yourself, be mindful of this factor.

The same applies to the decorations that you’d have in the wedding venue. If you want things to stand out and be one of a kind, try to pick locations that resonate well with your culture and traditions.

Choosing the destination wedding location is an affair many struggle to narrow down. With so many beautiful states, cities and countries, the choice is one that involves a lot of hassle. Ideally, we’d recommend sitting down and planning these with the wedding planner so they can offer professional inputs to make the process easier.

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