5 Unique Wedding Themes That You Could Follow For Your Wedding

5 Unique Wedding Themes That You Could Follow For Your Wedding

Great fat Indian weddings are how people express their love, gratitude and togetherness. If there’s one social gathering that people in India find the most joy in, it has to be the weddings. However, when it's your wedding and there’s so much to plan – things can get a little too crazy a little too fast.

Before you jump over and look over the clothing you’d buy or the kind of makeup you’d wear, the first step towards making your wedding a grand success is choosing the right theme.

We are in 2022 and it's high time that we skip out on those same old chunks of floral decorations and random crinkled draped throughout the venue. Indulging in unique wedding themes allow you to make that one day last for a lifetime in your memory.

If you are confused and don’t know what to do or choose, don’t worry. Sit back because we have taken care of a few unique Indian wedding theme choices for you to explore.

1. Royal Wedding

Say what you want, every single Indian gawks at the décor of a royal wedding theme. Not only does it include posh elements, but it also involves grandeur of décor that makes it difficult for the guests to remove their eyes from.

Can you imagine being in a wedding venue adorned in pristine white marble, high-rise ceilings and beautiful floral arrangements from the top to the bottom?

Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Besides the decoration and all such shazam, the highlight of a royal wedding is the venue you choose. Ideally, we’d recommend looking for heritage spots or resorts that offer outdoor locations.

2. Fairytale Wedding

If you are one of those couples that enjoy minimal and light-coloured themes for your wedding, you will fall in love with this one. It is a popular choice among wedding planners, especially because they are easy to execute but looks outstanding.

For this kind of wedding theme, we’d strictly recommend booking an outdoor location because there’s nothing that beats the openness and the backdrop of the beautiful green and nature.

Also, while you are at it, adorn the entire location with fairy lights, subtle coloured flower arrangements, pastel backdrops and so on. Pink, peace, and cream colours are very popular in this wedding party theme.

3. Rustic Rajasthani Wedding

Homey and rustic vibes to a wedding are what translate into every Rajasthani wedding that you come across. Not just the backdrop and the decorations, the highlight of any Rajasthani-themed wedding are the fun, entertainment and culture that go into the individual events.

And, if you can somehow manage to book a heritage hotel or a palace for your wedding, there’s nothing that can beat that experience. You can say to people that your wedding was a “once in a lifetime thing.”

When going for a Rajasthani wedding theme, add bright splashes of colours to the décor. Adorn the entire venue with vivid hues of pink, purple and yellow. Also, while you are at it, keep an eye on the lip-smacking food that you can serve the guests.

4. Beachside Theme

Beach theme weddings are perfect for couples who want to indulge in a casual event for their ceremony. If you aren’t indulging in the hefty “Saath pheras” and the dazzling lehengas for your wedding and instead want to register and sign the papers and call yourself married, take over a beachside wedding party instead.

You can talk to your wedlock planner to arrange the spots and then set up the decorations as needed. Since beaches are often public properties, you’d either have to book a spot on private beaches or get authorizations for the same.

Beach resorts are very popular wedding venues but they will cost you a hefty amount, so be aware of what you book. Besides the laidback theme, you can include different types of finger foods, cocktails, fun songs, and let loose with your loved ones.

5. Eco-friendly Theme

Last on the list is your “green wedding” theme. This has become a popular trend among the younger couples, who are passionate about Mother Nature and want to give back.

Instead of splurging out all the money on pricey venues and expensive decors, do the needful and keep the ceremony small. These kinds of weddings often include plant saplings as return gifts, very minimal destruction of the planet, and so on.

The couples engaging in a green wedding also opt for sustainable resources and try to keep the produced waste after the wedding to a minimum.

Wedding themes for Indian weddings are abundant. However, these are some of our top picks and rightfully so. Given that we believe that weddings are a couple’s biggest day, it makes sense that everyone wants to make the most out of it, but with their twist and touch. This guide should give you all the relevant insights.

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