30 Best Indian Wedding Blogs & Websites To Follow In 2023

30 Best Indian Wedding Blogs & Websites To Follow In 2023

With the numerous planning and decoration needed for every ceremony, Indian weddings have more than three ceremonies. Every wedding is meant to be special and unique without disturbing their culture. Wedding Planners in India help with this process and make necessary arrangements without any last-minute hassle.

For an ideal wedding and to know about the market, the bride and groom must check the Best Indian Wedding Blogs & Websites. There are more than 150 blogs that have information about Indian and South Asian Weddings.

Best Indian Wedding Blogs & Websites

So if you’re starting with wedding blogs and have unique likes and preferences, these wedding planners will help you realize your goals and provide you with lifelong memories. Given these essential concepts, every event must be well planned for the couple to remember. Sparing time for such tailored events in today’s contemporary world takes great effort to arrange resources. Wedding planning is a new sector growing in India and caters to the needs of Generation X.

We have curated a list of the Best wedding sites in India and the details they mention about the style and aesthetics. Here is the list of the blogs.

1. The Waterlily Bride

The Waterlily Bride is the leading blog for any South Asian wedding of every size. They are specialized in both Indian and Pakistani weddings.

2. Wedlock Planner

Wedlock Planner is a team of new-age wedding planners who make your special days more splendid and dreamy. They have planned numerous destination weddings also.

Wedlock Planner is known to have planned the best sangeet and Haldi ceremonies with some spectacular setups and props. This Indian wedding planner has earned great fame with some successful grand weddings. 

3. Weddings In Goa Blog

Weddings In Goa Blog is among the Best Indian Wedding Blogs & Websites. Their website gives an insight into some fairytales like weddings. They are a team of wedding planners in Goa offering wedding planning services.

4. is another wedding blog dedicated to destination weddings ideas, tips, and suggestions on wedding planning and decor. They are specialized in destination weddings.

5. Matrimonial Blog, Marriage Tips & Wedding Ideas

Matrimonial Blog, Marriage Tips & Wedding Ideas is a new-age blog for wedding dress ideas, decor, and planning. They offer some matrimonial services as well.

6. The Wedding Inc.

The Wedding Inc is a website for information about photographers, event planners, makeup artists, and other essential wedding personnel. One can even compare prices and stylist ratings in this blog. 

7. Kalash Cards Blog

Kalash Cards Blog is a website exclusively for wedding invitation cards of various types, card matters, and design tips. They give creative ideas for cards and also manufacture some unique cards. This is another website in the list of Best Indian Wedding Blogs & Websites.  

8. Mark Wedding

Mark Wedding is a blog for luxury premium weddings and is also known to deliver eco-friendly wedding ideas. They give insights into sustainable wedding planning.

9. Wedding Magazine

Wedding Magazine is a popular blog for all the unique information and details to opt for the best option for weddings wisely. From pious rituals to luscious meals, from entrainment to capturing those miraculous moments, from those scintillating decorations to grandiose ceremonies, they help you to select the best option available and make every wedding ceremony staggering.

10. Theme Weavers Blog

Theme Weavers Blog gives grand ideas for all wedding events like Engagements, Youngster's parties, Mehndi, Cocktail, Sangeet, Wedding, and Receptions. 

11. Wedding EYE

Wedding Eye is a well-known blog and integrated Wedding management company known for delivering outstanding events. Wedding EYE. They have Wedding style ideas for the modern Indian bride and groom. 

12. Madrasi Bride

Madrasi Bride is a blog for individuals seeking authentic and traditional-style weddings dominated by tradition. Their ideas are most subtle to the concept of following the culture and originality of the customs.

13. Wedfine

Wedfine is an Interactive Celebration Platform to celebrate and socialize your wedding. They give insights to create a guest list, send them E-invitations, announce the ceremonial details, publish polls, share your love story, and post photographs. This blog gives ideas for unique venues and makes wedding planning much more accessible.

14. Mandala Weddings

Mandala Weddings blog features articles about Indian wedding planning ideas, bridal wear, makeup inspiration, wedding decor, wedding vendors, and more.

15. Infinity A Media Store

Infinity A Media Store is a blog about designing, photographers, planners, and other wedding-related content. They have a wide range of suggestions to meet your unique wedding needs.

16. Wedding Documentary

Wedding Documentary is another blog which specializes in photography. They give some other essential suggestions for decor and planning during Indian Weddings.

17. Indian Wedding Buzz

Indian Wedding Buzz is an Indian wedding blog catering to all bride needs. They give top-notch suggestions for dressing, jewelry, and other essentials.

18. Weddingsonline is a blog entitled to ideas for weddings, fashion, and dresses for the bride and groom. They compare and suggest the best wedding-related ideas.

19. Marry Me's Indian Wedding Planning Blog

Marry Me's Indian Wedding Planning Blog is the ultimate guide for wedding decor and other plans. They give unique ideas for invitations, photography, and other essentials.

20. The Big Fat Indian Wedding

The Big Fat Indian Wedding blog is another blog for brides-to-be to plan their dream weddings. They share wedding information for brides, newly married, and Indian fashion lovers. The blog shares stories from real brides who share their experiences managing beautiful weddings.

21. WeddingWire

WeddingWire is the leading global online marketplace connecting engaged couples with event & creative professionals. They feature articles on wedding fashion, ceremonies, venues, music, decoration, and style.

22. Chitrakatha by Pankaj Rokade

Chitrakatha is a blog by Pankaj Rokade and gives insights for Candid Wedding Photography Studio, known for its fun, off-beat, and modern approach to creating stories from the best day in your life.

23. The Wedding Focus

The Wedding Focus covers all the latest wedding photography tips, ideas, bridal tips, behind-the-scenes video stories, and wedding planning guides. The Wedding Focus is a team of Premium Wedding Photographers based in Delhi.

24. The Bride Blog

The Bride Blog is about tips and tricks for grand South Asian weddings. They do the ultimate job, from interviewing vendors, simplifying Hindu wedding rituals, and integrating inter-caste and interfaith traditions to dealing with family drama. It is a one-stop platform for couples planning Indian-inspired weddings.

25. Royal Pepper Banquets

Royal Pepper Banquets is a blog for banquet suggestions and has expert planners. They give insights on other tips also.

26. Wish N Wed

Wish N Wed offers suggestions for South Asian extravagant weddings and covers the latest Wedding Trends, Planning, Bridal Beauty & Fashion, and Wedding Gifts. Wish N Wed is your online wedding invitation maker.

27. Indian Wedding Card

Indian Wedding Card offers suggestions for exquisite Indian Wedding Cards. Their blog is full of inspiration for wedding invitations and helps discover the latest blogs, tips & pictures on Wedding Invitations and all about weddings in India.

28. Setmywed Blog

SetMyWed is a wedding portal that helps you to plan your dreams. They give suggestions for weddings and events. 

29. Webbook

Webbook Covers the latest ideas, tips, advice, and anything & everything you need to plan your special day. It is an Indian wedding inspiration blog to help engaged couples plan their wedding day & beyond.

30. myMandap

It is an Indian Wedding Blog for Ideas, Inspirations & Trends. This blog will help you find wedding venues for every occasion according to your convenience and preference. 

How to Plan The Wedding From Website Blog Ideas?

1. Describe your couple and other details.

2. Describe the feeling of the wedding day and essential details 

3. Describe the Venue and requirements.

4. Include your Perspective and idea of the wedding.

5. Read the testimonials and reviews in the blogs.

How to Pick an Excellent Blog?

1. The Right Structure is often one of the most overlooked aspects of blogging.

2. Visual Content and designs.

3. A Clear Focus on significant events.

4. Regular Content and originality.

5. Internal Linking and contacts.

Every couple’s goal is to have a stress-free Indian wedding! In India, a wedding is a significant event in one’s life, and everyone strives to have the finest wedding and be the best during these occasions.

A great deal of pomp and circumstance and various regional customs characterize Indian weddings. These traditions contribute significantly to the time it takes for an Indian wedding to take place.

A unique component of destination wedding planning is also included in wedding planning. Wedding planners ensure that the wedding goes off without a hitch. They also assist with wedding cost optimization, ensuring you get the most bang for your buck while eliminating waste.

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