10 Best Ideas For An Indian Summer Weddings

10 Best Ideas For An Indian Summer Weddings

Summer weddings are fun, especially when you are adorned in beautiful bright colours and indulging in "Saath pheras" with the bright sun peeping through the windows of the wedding venue.

But, as bright and fun they are, summer weddings are a pain to plan. You need to be mindful of the props you use, the kind of flowers you decorate with and even the kind of food you offer your guests.

This post will navigate through some of the best Indian summer wedding tips that you need to keep in mind.

1. Spruce up the indoors with a high tea section

As confusing as it sounds, the high tea section with snack friendly desserts make a good addition to your summer wedding. It adds an element of surprise to the decoration and allows your guests to indulge in some sweet tooth before the actual wedding food arrives.

2. Go with the sunny theme

Summer weddings are all about the bright sunshine and the associated props. When you discuss things with your wedding planner, be assured that you do add a quintessential summer decor - umbrellas. Instead of doing the standard floral decoration, you can add bits and pieces of umbrella in the decor.

3. Go out of the norm with a pool party

If you are getting married with a basic court registry, splurge out on a pool party to have fun in the piping hot weather. You get to bring together your friends, family and relatives and have the time of your life. Also, add a few different types of mocktails or cocktails in the mix and there's nothing that's going to beat this summer wedding idea.

4. Focus on refreshments

When you are solely focused on providing the most relaxing wedding experience to your guests in the wedding, go for the staple beverages like tea and coffee and cool and nourishing like fruit juices and lassi. They will not just help maintain the electrolytes in the body but be a non-traditional beverage option too.

5. Set up a popsicle stand

We can't stress this enough. When you are planning a summer wedding, forget about a chaat counter and instead, splurge out on a Popsicle stand. Your guests are going to love the arrangement, not to mention that it is going to be a public favorite in harsh weather conditions. Try to keep a variety of options that everyone can pick and choose from.

6. Make the most of the sun

Yes, the bright sun isn't your best friend when it comes to the heat but you can't deny the fact that you get to take the best pictures when you use most of the natural light from the sun. So, instead of being stuck doing the staple poses, go out of your way and do fun and quirky poses with different summer props like umbrellas, parasols and so many other items. They can make your wedding an event worth remembering.

7. Go for bright hues

It is a given that when you are going for a summer wedding, you need to go in bright and vivid colours. Keep aside your actual wedding attire but ensure that you and your close wedding guests color coordinate in one of the pre-wedding events in bright colors like yellow and green. It could be for Haldi or Mehendi night.

8. Add a spread of summer fruits

Although quite unconventional, adding a section or stand serving summer foods can make a lot of difference to the whole theme of the summer wedding. You can add them to a punch or even serve it as a fruit salad that your guests can enjoy in the piping hot weather.

9. Choose an indoor wedding

Even with a summer wedding, you don't always have to choose an outdoor setting if you don't want to. If you are sensitive to the sun and don't want to mess things up for your special day, there's always a choice for you to pick an indoor wedding venue that looks over a beautiful view. At wedlock planner, we can make this possible for you.

10. Set a dress code

Lastly, another chic and modern way to spruce up your Indian summer wedding is by including a fun and bright colored dress code for your guests. This can include floral dresses, flowy skirts for women and jorts and floral shirts for men who want to make the most out of the wedding and have a comfortable time in the hot weather.

Summer weddings are hands down one of the most fun ones if planned right. With the right props and elements of surprise, you can do a lot more than you can anticipate. Just ensure that you discuss things at length with your partner, family and your wedding planner to make the most out of your special day, even when it's 40 degrees celsius outdoors.

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